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Our Most Recent Apartment Reroofing Project

Apartment Reroof Jobs Require Much Coordination

Most single family homes commonly have 2-5 heads under their roof.   An apartment will house many more, easily up to 25 to 40 in a single building.

Recently completed apartment re-roofing project

Recently completed apartment re-roofing project

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Why Customer Reviews Matter To Local Businesses

Customer reviews are more important than you may think, and are necessary for a small business’s success.  Small business owners depend on reviews because they help us make our business better, gain the trust of potential clients, and gain new customers.

Most of us look at online customer reviews as one of the first steps in finding a reputable service provider, restaurant, or any other sort of business.  We do this because we trust that the reviews are accurate and it gives us an idea of what to expect when dealing with a particular company.  A customer review online is similar to someone telling their friends about their experience with a local business, and local businesses depend on this type of advertisement to be successful. [Read more…]

Seasonally, It’s The Best Time For Roof Repair

As summer wraps up and fall is near, we reach the best time for roof repairs and maintenance. Seasonally, it’s the best time to work on your roof because doing the work now can get you ready for the more harsh seasons, and help you prevent damage to your roof. Fall brings wind and debris falling from trees and winter will bring with it snow, all of which can cause damage to your roof or expose weaknesses in your roofing structure by holding in moisture. You may not even realize there is a problem until a pile of leaves gathers on your roof and holds moisture in place long enough for the weak area to being to leak. Getting the work done now can save you thousands on roof repairs by preventing these major leaks.

The most common areas for leaks is around the flashing and venting. Problems with flashing and venting can happen when they are installed incorrectly, but more commonly they just loosen with time because of exposure to the elements. You may not notice flashing or venting loosening until you spot the leak, but a trusted roofer can find and fix it for you before there is a major problem. What better time to get it done than before all those leaves start to fall? [Read more…]

Big chain Roofing company vs. local family owned business?

We’ve all experienced the differences between walking in a big box store and walking in a small locally owned business. In the big box stores it’s all too common to be ignored or even met with a scowl, and customer service is non existent. In a smaller locally owned business we are more likely to be met with a smile and a friendly greeting, followed up by a great shopping experience because of the willingness to please the customer. Which one of these experiences do you prefer?

The roofing business is not so different from the scenarios above. A local family owned roofing company can give you more value than a larger company by providing you with excellent customer service and quality workmanship at a fair price. With a locally owned business you are more than just a number, and can be provided with more individualized service. A smaller business will also be more likely to take the time to answer questions and address any concerns you may have while treating you with the utmost respect. Not only is customer service better with a smaller company, the quality of workmanship is as well. A smaller business may have fewer employees, but most often they are more skilled and have more experience than those at a larger company. [Read more…]

How Roofing Costs are Determined

Homeowners are often told to get several bids for roofing, and accept the best. It may be helpful, when making that decision, to understand just what goes into figuring up roofing costs. Without knowing what goes into a roof, it can sometimes be frustrating to see a big dollar figure plunked down in front you.  You are at the mercy of the roofing contractor to know whether or not it is a fair price. Additionally, you need to make sure that you are comparing apples with apples when reviewing bids from multiple companies.   Here are some of the costs that go into the mix.

Size of the roof: In order to purchase the correct amount  of roofing shingles, shakes, or tiles or and other materials, the roofing company must measure the roof. The roof’s total square footage is divided by 100, which gives the number of roofing squares needed. Three to five bundles of roofing covering is commonly needed for each square.

Difficulty of the roof:  Steep roofs require more effort than milder pitched roofs.  Likewise, roofs with numerous cuts and planes are both harder and require more materials that those with two simple gables. [Read more…]

Roofing Contractors Must Play it Safe

Recently, there was a story in a local UK newspaper about a roofing contractor who avoided safety measures for himself, and also allowed his workers to refrain from safety practices. The story appeared in the Construction Enquirer. Sadly, one of his employees took a life changing fall and is now paralyzed. While this sort of thing does not happen often; it certainly is not unheard of. A good roofing contractor will do a risk assessment before any job, and ensure his own safety, as well as that of his employees. [Read more…]

6 Most Common Causes of Roof Damage

Because of its placement, and longevity, the roof doesn’t normally get much attention. That is, until there is a problem. Nothing lasts forever and the same can be said about the roof. After years of experience, we’ve narrowed down the 6 most common causes of roof damage. Some of these can be avoided, while others cannot. Routine roof maintenance is the key to ensuring that roof damage does not lead to bigger problems and possible damage to the home’s structure. [Read more…]

Best Time for Roofing Repairs

Obviously, if there is an unexpected emergency or needed repair, the best time would be when that happens. There are times, however, when a potential problem is noted, but it is not urgent. When there is a warning, and time to plan, roofing repairs are best done in the Fall and Spring. Coincidently, this is the best time for all roofing work, although in the Portland area, there are many other opportunities throughout the year to have it done if the weather cooperates.

Having the shingles adhere to the roof is not the problem it used to be. Extreme cold and heat used to prevent shingles from “sticking” to the roof. Heat can, however, decrease the life of the roofing. When roofing repairs are done in extreme heat, the combination of increased temperatures and foot traffic on the roof can take up to a year off of the longevity of the shingles. [Read more…]

Portland Roofing Leak Repair

Although there are signs of a roof leak long before, most people do not realize they have one until the water begins dripping. In actuality, the problem began long before the leak is spotted. Once the water begins dripping, people often look up to see the water spot. Even though that is where the water accumulated, it is not necessarily true that the roof leak is directly above that. It may take some investigation to find the source of the problem.

In Portland, rain is almost a constant presence. Let’s face it; we get a lot of rain. Erosion, wind, and even improper roofing installation can lead to the eventual roof leak, and need for leak repair. Once the moisture gets under the roofing material, it can move along underneath, twisting and curving before it finally settles in a place where the leak develops. To find the source, the roof must be inspected for damage. Unless the source is found and repaired, there will be more leaks into the home, and perhaps even in several places, causing further damage. [Read more…]

Eco Friendly Roofing Company

With more consumers demanding eco-friendly options to just about everything, it only stands to reason that a good roofing company would do what they can to help or improve the environment. Roofing is a messy job. There is no way around that fact. The good news is; there are many options for more earth friendly roofing materials and, with proper clean up, damage to the environment can be minimal, if not non-existent. [Read more…]