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Our Most Recent Apartment Reroofing Project

Apartment Reroof Jobs Require Much Coordination

Most single family homes commonly have 2-5 heads under their roof.   An apartment will house many more, easily up to 25 to 40 in a single building.

Recently completed apartment re-roofing project

Recently completed apartment re-roofing project

Accommodating the needs of and safely working around so many people can require a lot of coordination and pre-planning.   Residents still need to have access to their front doors, parking spots and other exterior living areas as much as possible.  Landlords or property managers certainly don’t want to be inundated with complaints, questions and requests from their tenants.

We understand this, and work to give multi-resident housing jobs as much personal attention and planning as any individual home project.  If you have an apartment, duplexes, triplexes or any other rental property, give us a call for a competitive estimate on a well managed roofing project.  503-570-7663.