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Seasonally, It’s The Best Time For Roof Repair

As summer wraps up and fall is near, we reach the best time for roof repairs and maintenance. Seasonally, it’s the best time to work on your roof because doing the work now can get you ready for the more harsh seasons, and help you prevent damage to your roof. Fall brings wind and debris falling from trees and winter will bring with it snow, all of which can cause damage to your roof or expose weaknesses in your roofing structure by holding in moisture. You may not even realize there is a problem until a pile of leaves gathers on your roof and holds moisture in place long enough for the weak area to being to leak. Getting the work done now can save you thousands on roof repairs by preventing these major leaks.

The most common areas for leaks is around the flashing and venting. Problems with flashing and venting can happen when they are installed incorrectly, but more commonly they just loosen with time because of exposure to the elements. You may not notice flashing or venting loosening until you spot the leak, but a trusted roofer can find and fix it for you before there is a major problem. What better time to get it done than before all those leaves start to fall?

With time caulking can deteriorate and can increase the chance of leaks around chimney, skylights, and other key areas of your roof. The summer sun may be great for a day at the beach, but it can damage the sealants on your roof. Because you’ll want to ensure the integrity of your roof before fall and winter, getting your roof resealed now is ideal.

Now is the best time for major roof repairs as well because the temperatures are mild. It will be much more comfortable for your family to have repairs done now instead of waiting for the temperature to drop and the wind to pick up. It’s tempting to put off major repairs, and perfectly natural, but it can be a lot more pleasant if done in the right season.

All Surface Roofing can do a free 20 point roof inspection to find any problems you may have with your roof so that you can get the repairs done now before the weather begins to change.