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How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?

There are a few variables that can affect installation time, including whether the roof is damaged, whether you need structural repairs before the crew can install a new roof, if there are weather-related delays and which type of materials you chose.  Of course the roof’s size and pitch (steepness) are commonly the two most relevant factors in determining how long a re-roofing job may take, in addition to the size of the crew available.   In most cases, the process is straightforward and can move along as fast as you and your contractor can complete each step.  For the most common sized homes with mild to moderate roof pitch, two to eight days is a common timeframe for a roofing project.  But again, there are numerous factors that can cause this to vary greatly.

how-long-does-it-take-to-replace-a-roof [Read more…]

How Long Do Roofs Last?

Your roof’s life depends greatly on the type of material is installed, who installed it, and how well you have cared for your roof during it’s lifetime. In general terms, roofs last a certain amount of time based on the type of shingle used: composition shingle roofs can last 20-30 years, cedar roofs can last 25-50 years, and heavy laminate roofs can last up to 50 years.

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Roof Leaks: Here’s What You Should Know

Fewer subjects are more stressful for homeowners than a leaking roof. When water gets inside a home, it can cause extensive damage and significantly lower the resale value. At All Surface Roofing & Construction, we often get calls from stressed out Portland homeowners who need an expert’s opinion on their roof leak problems.

Here are some of the most common questions we get, along with some answers that should help provide guidance about the best actions to take.

What Is a Roof Leak?

A roof leak happens when something goes wrong, and a roof that was designed to keep water out simply stops doing so. Roof leaks can be small or large, fast or slow leaking, and the damage they cause depends on many factors, like the design of your home, where the leakage is occurring, and how quickly the problem is addressed.

Here are some of the most common questions we get, along with some answers that should help provide guidance about the best actions to take. [Read more…]

Things You Should Know About Roof Repairs, But Probably Don’t

If you live in the Portland, Oregon, area, you already know that the roof is your house’s first line of defense against the rain that makes Portland weather so special. You owe it to yourself and your home to take care of your roof. Keep it in the best shape possible and it will protect you for many years to come.


What is the best way to take care of your roof? The most important, and easiest, thing is to keep an eye on it. If you see something that looks out of place, take a closer look. If you see loose or missing shakes or shingles, don’t wait for the roof to start leaking. You can avoid expensive interior damage to your home by keeping your roof in tip-top condition. A professional roof repair company can advise you about your options. [Read more…]

Out With The Old Cedar Roof, In With The New!

Not every cedar roof that is due for replacement gets replaced with a composition roof.    Many homeowners chose to have a new cedar roof installed.   Considering that the premium quality cedar shakes used by All Surface ( if regularly maintained by our gentle methods and using our proprietary CedarGuard treatment) can reasonably be expected to last at least 30 to 35 years, re-roofing with cedar is a very viable option. [Read more…]

Home Roof Repair – When It Is Time To Act Fast

Home Roof Repairs – When you can wait and when you need to act fast

Here is a pretty good rule of thumb to use with roof repairs:   If something looks out of place on your roof, it is likely wise to have it dealt with promptly.    Below are a couple of recent roofs that we inspected where the homeowner decided that they could still wait a little longer before correcting the problem because it had not yet started to leak.

Waiting too long to repair your roof

Waiting too long to repair your roof

Don't wait too long for needed roof repairs

Don’t wait too long for needed roof repairs

Maybe some folks are just bigger gamblers than I am.    There are not many signs of needing roof repair that are more obvious than when shakes and shingles are starting to come loose and slide down the roof. [Read more…]

Raising the Roof – the Advantages of Roof Replacement

There are many home improvement projects, but few have the impact of replacing the roof.

Replacing an existing roof is one of the best ways to increase the comfort, safety and even the value of the home.

Even so, replacing an existing roof is not something to be taken lightly, and it is important for homeowners to be prepared for the scope of the project.Replacing a roof requires many important commitments, from finding the right roofing contractor to choosing the perfect roofing materials.It is important for Portland homeowners to explore the advantages of this project carefully in order to determine the best course of action. [Read more…]

In Portland, does homeowner insurance cover roof leaks and repair?

Are Roof Leaks Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

In a nutshell, the question of whether you are covered comes down to a broad question – was it the result of the elements (Mother Nature) or rather, the lack of maintenance or age. Of course, the caveat to this statement is: if unsure, ask your insurance agent about the coverage of your specific policy.

Externally Influenced Roof Damage Commonly Covered by Insurance

Examples of roof leaks and repairs covered by insurance would be if the damage was caused by a wind storm, exceptional hail storm, [Read more…]

Gutter Replacement in Portland: Signs it is Time to Replace Them

Gutter Replacement in Portland: Signs it is Time to Replace Them

Gutters are not glamorous. Few homeowners brag about their new gutters. That being said, they serve a critical function to your home’s well being and it is important to know when they are functioning adequately and when they need to be replaced.

Since looking inside and analyzing our gutters is usually not near the top of anyone’s list of favorite activities, here is a simple list of some observations that may help you determine that it’s time for gutter replacement:

Gutter Replacement

Rusted gutter in need of replacement


Yes, this is [Read more…]

Big chain Roofing company vs. local family owned business?

We’ve all experienced the differences between walking in a big box store and walking in a small locally owned business. In the big box stores it’s all too common to be ignored or even met with a scowl, and customer service is non existent. In a smaller locally owned business we are more likely to be met with a smile and a friendly greeting, followed up by a great shopping experience because of the willingness to please the customer. Which one of these experiences do you prefer?

The roofing business is not so different from the scenarios above. A local family owned roofing company can give you more value than a larger company by providing you with excellent customer service and quality workmanship at a fair price. With a locally owned business you are more than just a number, and can be provided with more individualized service. A smaller business will also be more likely to take the time to answer questions and address any concerns you may have while treating you with the utmost respect. Not only is customer service better with a smaller company, the quality of workmanship is as well. A smaller business may have fewer employees, but most often they are more skilled and have more experience than those at a larger company. [Read more…]

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