Differences in Roofing Contractors in Portland

Sometimes differences among things in life stand out like a sore thumb.   On other occasions, the difference is more subtle and yet with even others, the difference slowly becomes apparent over time.   I tend to think that finding a roofing contractor in Portland is mostly the last.

Looking at a piece of paper (your estimate) cannot always adequately distinguish a good roofing contractor from a poor one.   Unless of course, one is on the back of a business card and the other is a well organized and detailed estimate  (like the one you will receive from All Surface Roofing.   In such a case, consider yourself to have just received the gift of a simple choice – throw away the estimate on the back of the business card!

But for the rest of them, here are some of the differences that might not be apparent from just looking at the paper.

Differences in Roofing Contractors in Portland

It is critical to look for hints as to whether or not the roofing contractor is and will be attentive to you and your needs and reliable.   Here is another free tip: if the roofing contractor does not arrive for roof inspection or deliver the estimate when promised, at least without calling to making alternate arrangements, chances are your phone calls asking that a few final items to be completed will not be quickly returned and addressed.

Some roofing contractors in Portland use only employees (covered by worker’s compensation insurance) while others send subcontractors to your home.   While such roofing companies might be insured, how can you be certain that their subs are insured.   If one of those subcontractors gets injured on your property, you may be liable.   All Surface Roofing will always have employees, fully covered by workers compensation insurance, on your project.

Some time the difference between roofing contractors in Portland is in what is not in the contract.

A properly written contract will list out what is included for the stated price and how much unforeseen additional work, not expected but still a possibility, will cost.   A poorly written contract will not even cover such contingencies, leaving you at the mercy of a contractor who is already part way though a job if a unexpected issue occurs.

Finally, unless you plan on tearing apart your new roof, you will not be able to easily tell if there were any construction shortcuts.   Practices and short cuts such as using the improper size nails and staples, nailing outside of the manufacturers specified nailing lines, using scraps of materials where they should not be used, skimping on flashing, and using lower grade boards for the sheathing are but a few of the difference in roofing contractors in Portland that can seriously affect the quality of your project.

We recommend that you play it safe and call one of the most reputable roofing and roof maintenance contractors in Portland, All Surface.  Call  503-570-7663 for you Free Estimate.

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