Go Ahead and Vent, Your Attic That Is!

More and more, we are encountering attics and roofs in the Portland area that are under-vented.   Some of the sign of this are immediately obvious, such as mold and mildew forming on the attic surfaces.   Others, however, are not visible to the eye.   They are visible to your pocketbook!   Heating and cooling cost can be greatly exaggerated as a result of a poorly vented roof-attic system.   Finally, your very expensive roof is slowly having years taken off it’s life.

An excellent intake vent - The Edge by Air Vent, Inc.

An excellent intake vent – The Edge by Air Vent, Inc.

A combination of proper measures with both the roof and the attic are required to work in conjunction with each other.   Your roof needs to have a balance of intake ventilation and exhaust vents.   Without this, air will not properly move through out the attic, removing trapped hot air in summer and allowing more even heat distribution in winter.   Even temperature distribution in winter helps prevent ice dams, one of the more frustrating roof problem you might ever face.

On the inside, there are also important tasks to be taken into consideration.   Insulation, if improperly extended over the eave vents, can nullify an air movement plan that looks correct from the outside.   Baffles might need to be installed to keep insulation away from vents.   Additionally, the design and shape of the attic area needs to be reviewed.   Sometimes, attic spaces that include several sections at different elevations or that are partially obstructed might need to be treated as unique areas and individually enclosed.

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