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Without a doubt, gutter cleaning is surely one of the least fun choirs that need to be done. At least some jobs, while maybe not fun to do either, provide something visually pleasing when done. Flower planting, lawn mowing and painting the house all provide a visual sense of accomplishment and beauty.

Gutter cleaning benefits do not present themselves in the same way. Nevertheless, when abruptly faced with the consequences of not cleaning your gutters, such as water leaking into your house, rusted gutters, an eroded foundation, or an annoying drip or overflow sound on an rainy night, you might wish you had spent you time gutter cleaning instead of the other jobs.

Gutter cleaning is an important household maintenance job.

Gutter cleaning is an important household maintenance job.

Gutters are a vital part of your house’s roofing system.

Without gutters, foundations would deteriorate and leakage would eventually flow into crawlspaces or basements (causing issues with mold and mildew.) It would impossible to walk out of a door when it was raining without getting drenched. Your gutters are there for a reason and they need to be maintained as much as any other component around the home.

Sometimes, homeowners will mistake dripping gutters as a sign of needing gutter cleaning and in reality, the gutters are rusted and need replacing with new gutters. Other times, just the opposite will occur and they might think new gutters are needed when only a cleaning is required. All Surface offers both services so you can always count on a straight answer from us.

Gutter cleaning is more often than not a wet, messy job. It can also quite often be a dangerous job. Anytime you crawl on your roof or climb up a ladder, your health and life are at risk. Ladder accidents are some of the most common and most serious emergency room visits. When you consider that having your gutters cleaned is more affordable than so many other household projects that you pay for, doesn’t it make sense to have a professional do this yucky and dangerous job for you?

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If you are interested in exploring a long term, warrantied solution to eliminating gutter cleaning, click here to learn about GutterFlow, All Surface’s own Impenetrable Needle and Leaf Barrier.

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