Gutter Installation – Eventually, Gutters Need Replacing

Gutter Installation and Replacement is a Common Need in the Portland Area.

There comes a time when all gutters will need to be replaced, particularly in an environment like Portland’s.   Gutter installation is one job definitely best left to the professional.   The most common problems encountered with gutters requiring replacement involve either rust or damage for pulling away.   Oh, and on very, very, rare occasion, an over ambitious homeowner with a drill!

Gutters in need of replacment

There are better ways from keeping your gutters from overflowing that by negating their original purpose entirely (see our GutterFlow system that carries a 20 year No Clog Warranty!)

Rust is the number one enemy of gutters in Portland.   The constant moisture kept at the bottom eventually gets the best of the metal.   Of course there are aluminum options to prevent the rusting.   Whenever possible, we recommend aluminum gutters just for this reason. Then the gutters only have to be defended against damage caused by either falling branches or pulling away from the facia board and twisting.

Gutters just don’t decide that they want to pull away.   They do it because of excess weight accumulating.   Both sitting water and debris add weight beyond what the gutter system was designed to hold.   When All Surface installs gutters, we guarantee that the grade will be correct.   A mild slope is required to run the water towards the downspout for prompt evacuation of the rainwater.  After ensuring the proper grade, we then water test all gutter installations to be certain that all water flows out of the system.

Foundation settling is a common occurrence in the Portland area, with certain areas having softer soils and the occasional earthquake.   Then, even gutters that were originally well graded may lose their proper slope.   For these reasons, periodic review of your gutter system is recommended.

When it comes to roof and gutter debris, there are choices.   You can risk life and limb and waste your valuable time trying to clean them yourself, hire a company like our cleaning division to affordably handle the job for you, or consider our GutterFlow System to keep your gutter interiors from needing cleaning.   We think the last two options are the wisest!

Let’s talk today about how we can help you with your gutter problems, whether you need a new installation, replacement, cleaning or a protection system.

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