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Home Roof Repair – When It Is Time To Act Fast

Home Roof Repairs – When you can wait and when you need to act fast

Here is a pretty good rule of thumb to use with roof repairs:   If something looks out of place on your roof, it is likely wise to have it dealt with promptly.    Below are a couple of recent roofs that we inspected where the homeowner decided that they could still wait a little longer before correcting the problem because it had not yet started to leak.

Waiting too long to repair your roof

Waiting too long to repair your roof

Don't wait too long for needed roof repairs

Don’t wait too long for needed roof repairs

Maybe some folks are just bigger gamblers than I am.    There are not many signs of needing roof repair that are more obvious than when shakes and shingles are starting to come loose and slide down the roof.   In cases like these, you are one high wind and a little driving rain away from having an unwelcome visitor in your home – RAINWATER!

Now, no one wants spend money they don’t absolutely have to, but you need to also consider the cost of potential damage for not taking prompt action.  Many repairs can be done in a very spot specific manner.   All that may be needed is a few shakes or shingles replaced in the most sensitive areas to tide you over until you can afford a new roof.

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