Does your roof need repair? Is it time to replace your roof altogether? If so, you’ve probably called a few contractors and received estimates based on your project. Often, roofing contractor estimates can look similar, causing confusion in your choice. Before you choose the contractor with the lowest bid, there are things you should consider.

10 Things to Consider When Comparing Roofing Contractor Estimates

Even though the estimates you’re considering appear to be identical, not all estimates are created equal. To find the best mix of value and quality workmanship, you’ll need to read between the lines.

1. Warranty

To get started, first consider the warranties offered by your contractors. What kind of warranty are they offering? What are the lengths of the warranties? For example, some warranties cover the materials themselves and some cover the workmanship of your new roof. Since most damages can be linked directly to poor installation, it’s important that the warranty covers both.

2. Proper Licensing

Which contractors are using subcontractors? A lot of roofers use subcontractors that aren’t truly legal subcontractors, putting you at risk. These subcontractors are not covered by workers’ compensation or insurance, leaving you potentially responsible if an accident occurs. You’ll want to choose a contractor that uses either licensed subcontractors o