Are Roof Leaks & Repair Costs Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

In a nutshell, the question of whether you are covered comes down to a broad question – was it the result of the elements (Mother Nature) or rather, the lack of maintenance or age. Of course, the caveat to this statement is: if unsure, ask your insurance agent about the coverage of your specific policy.

Externally Influenced Roof Damage Commonly Covered by Insurance

Examples of roof leaks and repairs covered by insurance would be if the damage was caused by a wind storm, exceptional hail storm, or from fallen trees making contact with the roof. The word exceptional is important in such situations. Any roof that would be damaged to the point of leaking or needing repair as a result of common winds or hail most likely is near the end of it’s life or possibly was incorrectly installed. But if a true “storm” comes by, damage cause