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Out With The Old Cedar Roof, In With The New!

Not every cedar roof that is due for replacement gets replaced with a composition roof.    Many homeowners chose to have a new cedar roof installed.   Considering that the premium quality cedar shakes used by All Surface ( if regularly maintained by our gentle methods and using our proprietary CedarGuard treatment) can reasonably be expected to last at least 30 to 35 years, re-roofing with cedar is a very viable option.

Here is an example of a typical, tired old cedar roof in Portland.

Cedar Roof Before Replacement

Cedar Roof Before Replacement

And here is the new cedar roof we installed after carefully tearing this old roof off:

Newly Installed Cedar Roof

Newly Installed Cedar Roof

You can see why the homeowner wanted to stay with cedar.    The cost was only 10-15% more than if they had converted to a quality composition roof.    However, the value of their home is now a little higher from having a cedar roof.   Plus, cedar is now a well managed, renewable resource, making their roofing decision fairly green.

We would be happy to discuss the available options for you if you are ready for a new roof.   Please give All Surface Roofing and Construction a call today.

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