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The key to getting the most out of any roof is maintenance. Like most things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to clean and treat your roof.

You can trust your roof maintenance to All Surface

You can trust your roof maintenance to All Surface

All Surface Roofing and Construction recommends that prior to cleaning your roof you clarify your reasons for needing the roof maintained. From our past experience, we tend to find that there are two main reasons someone wants their roof maintained: one is that they need it to look better for an upcoming event, such as an upcoming home sale; the other is if for periodic maintenance of a major home investment. These different reasons considerably affect which method of roof cleaning is most appropriate to use in order to effectively meet your goal.

Several methods of roof cleaning are commonly employed: air blowing of loose debris, simply treating the roof for moss and doing nothing else, hand brushing the larger moss off the roof, and finally, low pressure, high water volume power washing. Unlike some roofing contractors that try to force one method as a solution for all roof maintenance situations (or do not have access to some of the proprietary products All Surface possess,) our company offers all of these methods. A combination of the above mentioned objective and an inspection by a professional roof cleaning company is the proper method to determine what is best for your roof.

All Surface gently cleans tile roofs too.

All Surface gently cleans tile roofs too.

Aside from the roof cleaning methods listed above, there are many different treatment options available for your roof.

Most treatments of them have the objective of killing moss and preventing it from returning to quickly. In addition, some roof treatments help preserve wood and deter pests (primarily applicable to cedar roofs.) If you compare roof cleaning companies, you will quickly notice that there is a vast difference among these treatments. Some of these treatments are to be used only on certain types of roofs. The effective life of roof treatments vary from a few months to five years. Some treatments focus only moss while others offer broader benefits helping with UV rays, deterring pests, and even strengthening the roofing material. Lastly, of always increasing significance, there is a wide variance between roof treatments in terms of environmental impact and friendliness to the surrounding people, pets and plants.

A last note of consumer caution: Please do not fall prey to product offers that promise simple spraying on a treatment, rinsing it with a hose and having miraculous results. Most of such products have their roots in different parts of the country where homeowners are dealing with different roof issues, rather that the moss we commonly deal with here in Portland Oregon. However, we have seen some unscrupulous roof cleaning companies start trying to introduce these inappropriate and ineffective methods here in the Portland Metro area.

No roof cleaning job is too big for All Surface

No roof cleaning job is too big for All Surface

The most common culprit when it comes to harming roofs here in Portland, Oregon is moss.

There are several varieties of it and many manifestations of how it appears on local roofs. Regardless of the type, moss can cause water-damming, works to deteriorate you specific roof material and ultimately provide an environment that may amplify the likelihood of pest infestation. Some Portland homeowners wonder whether their roofs still need maintenance even if their roof has no moss visible? While U.V. rays affect all roofs, cedar roofs are susceptible to considerable damage for the sun’s U.V. rays. Tile, metal, composition, and composite roofs are still subject to fungus, mildew stains and pollutants.

Roof maintenance is a skilled trade best left to a professional. Please call us today for your free evaluation.

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