Roof Damage Repair – Why You Might Need a New Roof

How Roof Damage Occurs

Damaged Roof

Damaged Roof

Reasons why your roof needs repair or replacement

Roofs have a rough life.   Think about it.   What if you had to spend all day and night outside, rain, wind, burning heat or freezing cold, for 30 or 40 straight years?   It might take more that a warm cup of coffee to make me friendly in the morning!

Even with your specific damage, all roofing materials will slowly deteriorate over time.   But when outside circumstances get added in, you can experience an unfortunate acceleration of your roof’s serviceable life.

Some common causes include extreme weather (excessively large hail – not too much of a problem in the Portland Metro area), windstorms, falling branches, bouncing balls consistently on them (I admit it – I was an guilty of this as an adolescent), improperly breaking up of ice dams, and lack of maintenance (never getting the moss off or treating the cedar for protection against UV rays.)

Interestingly, one of the biggest culprits in reducing a roof life in Oregon is maintenance itself.   Yep, the very process used to help the roof can sometimes cause it harm.   Here are some tips regarding roof maintenance:

  1. Avoid pressure washing when ever possible.   There are other roof cleaning methods to consider first.
  2. Don’t let people who are not experienced roof cleaners clean your roof.   They might do a great job painting your house or washing your windows, but just because they say “Yeah, I could do the roof for ya also” doesn’t mean they have the first idea about how to do it right.
  3. Pursue preventative maintenance – treatments applied at periodic intervals (either when moss in just starting to return or might not even done so yet) is much more gentle than periodic cleaning.

Whether you are ready for some roof maintenance done right, a roof repair or replacement of your roof, All Surface can help you today!

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