Roof Leak Repairs – Avoiding Reoccurrence

When faced with a roof leak, any worthwhile solution will take into consideration the need to keep the leak for reoccurring.

Sometimes it isn’t the roof that is the problem but rather the design. We encounter some designs that are asking quite a lot of the roof to stay waterproof. Take a look at the photo below.

A difficult design for a roof to maintain integrity

A difficult design for a roof to maintain integrity

With some roofs, it is almost inevitable that sometime during its life it will leak just due to the design.

In this case, there are two roofs forming a valley that empties right into the siding. That is really pushing the limits of the roof and siding structure to eventually not be overcome with a leak. Add into the mix some moss or snow that impede and dam the normal flow of the rainwater and a leak is not far behind.

The good news is that with enough patience, expertise and the right materials, any leak can be fixed. Repairing leaks in Portland, we often find ourselves using over-sized flashing and a wonderful material generically called water and ice barrier. In flatter sections of roof or areas highly prone to water backing up underneath the shingle, shake or tile, this barrier provides another layer of protection.

If you find your roof needing a leak repair and want to be sure it won’t happen again anytime soon, check in with Portland’s leak repair experts!

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