Roof Selection Tips for Portland Home Owner Associations

I was just reminded again yesterday of a common and costly error made by some Home Owner Associations regarding roof replacement.

Many associations represent neighborhoods of homes originally built with cedar shake roofs.   As these roofs near the end of their lives, right or wrong, many of the homeowners seek to convert over to composition roofs.   I would recommend a rational consideration of staying with a cedar roof but that is another discussion.   Please see one of my previous blogs below on that topic.

With a desire to keep the neighborhood looking good and uniform , the HOAs often specify that only a premium composition roof be installed.   There is nothing inherently wrong with these.   After all, it is their neighborhood.   However, many have made the mistake of specifying that the new roofs can only be a specific brand and style.   Back when a lot of these covenants where written, there weren’t as many options for quality, upper-end composition roofs.   As a result, a specific brand and style was specified in an attempt to ensure that only a quality, consistent product would be used.

Today, every major roofing manufacturer has a top of the line, 50 yr or “Lifetime” warranty roof available.

Most of them look very similar to each other and are in the same range in terms of quality   There are no bad roofs among these products.   There can be a noticeable price difference between brands however.   I believe that residents would benefit from having a selection of top quality roofing products to chose from.

My recommendation is that covenants be written or updated based on the minimum specifications that the HOA would like to require rather than naming a specific brand.   These might include terms such as 50 year or “limited lifetime” warranty, multi-layer laminate, and a minimum nominal weight per square (such as 480 pounds.)    Such broadening of specifications will accomplish the original goal of maintaining a certain standard and look while simultaneously allowing consumers more options.

As a customer oriented roofing company in the Portland Metro area, we are always willing to come talk to your HOA about roofing brands, styles and options in general.   We can even have a factory representative accompany us with advance notice.    Please call us for a free consultation.

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