Roof repair

Composition Roof Vent Pipe Jack Flashing and B Vent Troubleshooting

Identifying Trouble Spots with Roof Vent Pipe Jack Flashing and B Vent Leaks Roof leaks can be quite mysterious to the average homeowner.  Much of this is due to the common lack of safe accessibility to your roof top.  While some leaks can be obvious, others are occurring where to the layman, everything can look

Roof Damage Repair – Why You Might Need a New Roof

How Roof Damage Occurs Damaged Roof Reasons why your roof needs repair or replacement Roofs have a rough life.   Think about it.   What if you had to spend all day and night outside, rain, wind, burning heat or freezing cold, for 30 or 40 straight years?   It might take more that a warm

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