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I’ll be the first to sing the praises of duct tape.   I’ve often said that two of my favorite products of all time are duct tape and WD-40.   Why?   Because they are versatile, actually work and often exceed expectations.   Now that I think about it, that kind or reminds me of All Surface, but I digress!

That being said, even these wonderful products have their practical limitations.   No more than you would use WD-40 as motor engine oil for your car, you should not use duct tape as a part of a roofing and skylight installation.   Unfortunately, while it may sound like I am writing this for the benefit of the amateur Do-It-Yourselfer, the job shown in the photo was done by a contractor!

Shoddy workmanship we were hired to correct.

Some shoddy workmanship that we were hired to correct.

We were called out to this house for a leaking skylight.   Upon being hired for the leak repair project, we were amazed with what we found.   The original installation had been done with a slathering of tar and duct tape!   It is a wonder it was ever waterproof at all.   As you can see from the photo below, we came in and corrected the area using proper roofing materials (in this case, a water and ice barrier material was determined to fit the need.)   Note: The photo below shows the repair in process – it was finished off with more roofing being reinstalled over the barrier and flashing.

Properly Repaired Skylight Leak

Properly Repaired Skylight Leak in Process

There is a reason that we encourage our customers and prospective customers to ask the question “Who Should You Trust To Roof Your Home?”

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