What to do with your leaky roof in Portland.

No one wants to have a leaky roof.   There are many things that can break and still won’t keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.   A leaky roof in Portland, where it can rain fairly steadily come fall, winter and spring, is not one of them.

What to do with your leaky roof in Portland.

I am going to lay out several areas that need to be immediately considered when faced with a leaky roof.

First, much depends on the current weather.   If it is snowy or icy out, wait.   It is too hazardous, possibly life threatening, for even a properly equipped professional to be on a roof in such conditions.   Plus, the problem might not even be a permanent, reoccurring leak.   It might be a fluke ice dam causing a one time back flow of water that is not likely to occur again.   Possibly.   Or it could be the first sign of a ongoing issue.  Either way, you need to wait.  If  it is simply raining however, a leaky roof in Portland can be immediately reviewed.

Next, consider the history of your roof.   Has a leak ever happened before?   If so, has it been at this same location or elsewhere.     This can be a good indication as to whether the entire roof is failing or if it is just a localized problem.

Location.   Is the location near vents, flashing, skylights or very near the house’s exterior walls?   Leaks very closed to exterior walls can be caused by full or clogged gutters.   Flashing, vents and skylight leaks might not necessarily reflect on the overall condition of the roof.

Frame the leak within a longer perspective.   How old is this leaky roof?   Has it been maintained?   If so, how has it been maintained and by whom.   An unmaintained or improperly maintained roof may have accelerated it’s typical rate of deterioration.

After you have review and considered the above information, it is now time to determine  your objective.   Should you pursue a lasting repair on a roof that you or someone else has determined to have adequate serviceable life remaining.  Or, should you enact a quick, temporary  stop-gap repair (often a tarp or shims) until you can gather funds and arrange for a new roof can be installed?  Or, if the weather has let up, should you immediately pursue a new roof and eliminate the risk of further interior damage.

A leaky roof in Portland won’t fix itself.

You will have to make a decision, sometimes a rather large one.   It is best if you are well prepared.  And nothing prepares you better than good  information.   We can help you assess your options.   Please call All Surface Roofing today – (503) 570-7663.

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