Why Customer Reviews Matter To Local Businesses

Customer reviews are more important than you may think, and are necessary for a small business’s success.  Small business owners depend on reviews because they help us make our business better, gain the trust of potential clients, and gain new customers.

Most of us look at online customer reviews as one of the first steps in finding a reputable service provider, restaurant, or any other sort of business.  We do this because we trust that the reviews are accurate and it gives us an idea of what to expect when dealing with a particular company.  A customer review online is similar to someone telling their friends about their experience with a local business, and local businesses depend on this type of advertisement to be successful.

Reviews show us when there are problems that need to be addressed and help us improve the over all customer experience. If we don’t know there’s a problem we can’t do anything about it.  They also let us know what we’re doing right for our customers.  By routinely reading our reviews we can insure that our quality standards are being met at all times and our customers are being treated with respect and are given the highest level of customer service that we can provide.

Online review sites give you a voice  that customers in previous generations didn’t have.  By leaving a review for a local business you are helping that business be successful by letting them know what they’re doing right and where they need work.  It’s a chance to publicly vouch for a company that you enjoy doing with and help someone else decide where to spend their hard earned money.  It is also a chance to give praise to a specific employee who did a particularly good job or who is always friendly.

If you have ever been a customer of All Surface Roofing I’d like to encourage you to leave a review at Google Reviews , Yelp, and like our Facebook page.  You can also see what our other customers have said about us on our Roofing Customer Testimonial page.

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