How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

We’ll get to the disappointing part right up front – we are not able to calculate exactly the cost of roof replacement for your specific home here on our website.  For that, one of our professional estimators needs to visit your property in person to note and analyze numerous variables.  Accepting that fact, we can still give you some useful information on Portland roof replacement costs that will help you become familiar with the concepts and general principals that affect the new roof installation pricing for your home. To see a more comprehensive list of specific items that go into the cost to replace a roof, check out this article on component in a roof’s cost.

Portland Roof Replacement Costs

Top End Roof Materials

Materials Chosen

After roof size, this is one of the biggest factors affecting the cost.  In sequence from least to most expensive, the most common material options are:

  •  Simple Asphalt Roll Roofing – Generally not used on residences, but rather more utilitarian structures such as sheds, detached garages, patio covers, etc.

3 Tab Shingles – Note that most of the material cost savings from this shingle type are erased by the extra labor required due to more labor intensive nailing plans, thus it is primarily chosen when it’s specific look is desired.

  •  Architectural Laminate Composition Shingles – The most common composition roof type used today.
  •  Heavy Grade Laminate Shingles (Presidential style shingles, tri-laminate shingles) – Varying degrees of higher quality shingle provide both a more distinct look and a longer lasting, more durable roof.
  •  Cedar Shakes – A renewable resource, cedar roofs offer one of the most unique and beautiful roofing options.  Many homes are designed to specifically have a cedar roof.
  •  Heavy Cedar Shakes – A thicker grade of cedar shake that allows the benefits of cedar with an increase life expectancy, often to 50 years.
  •  Concrete Tiles – A durable, albeit fragile, long-lasting option that is now available in numerous styles and colors.
  •  Fancy Composition Shingles – For very specific design needs, “fancy” shingle are made of a very durable composition and allow for unique aesthetic appeal.
  •  Metal Panels and Tiles – You either are fine with the look of metal or you are not.  Metal roofs vary from standing seam to aluminum tiles.  All are long lasting.


There are numerous factors that determine the overall difficulty of a roofing job, and hence have an effect on the price of the roof.

  •  Pitch – The steeper the pitch, the more expensive the cost.
  •  Tear off or recover – Tearing off the old roof is more effort and expense than a recover, but recovers often are not covered by manufacturer’s warranties.
  •  Existing layers of roofing – The more layers to be torn off, the higher the cost.
  •  Potential trouble spots, requiring multiple layers of underlayment – Some roofs were designed to have problems from the start with issues such as valleys that drain directl