Roof ReCover

The possibility exists that your roofing company can put another layer of composition roofing on top of your current roof if you currently have a composition roof.   Current Oregon code allows you to put on a third layer if your roof presently has two layers or less.

However, as with many things in life, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Roof ReCover

Roof ReCover

Issues to consider regarding a Roof Re-cover

There are numerous issues to consider.   First, you must realize that your roof is only as good as the sheathing underneath it.    Unfortunately, it is not always an easy observation to make.   Some of it from attic areas may possibly provide a view.   However, this is usually incomplete.   Sometimes the signs of issues are visible by seeing dips or waves on the top of the roof.   Another surefire sign of problems are soft spots that sink when stepped on.   The chance of rot exists if there has ever been a roof leak,.   Nonetheless, there are many times that you cannot determine a problem with the sheathing until your tear off the roofing.

Additionally, there are many situations when the manufacturer’s warranty may be invalidated from a new roof being installed over the top of another layer.  Also, it is common that a roof recover will not last as long as one installed directly on the sheathing (a roof tear off.)   A major reason recovers do not last as long are from variations in the surface in which it is being applied.

Roof Valley ReCover

Roof Valley ReCover

Regardless, if after thoughtful consideration of the issues this still seems like a reasonable option, it can be a good way to keep costs down on your roofing project.

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