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Roof Tear Off

Cedar Roof Tear Off in Progress

Cedar Roof Tear Off in Progress

A more thorough approach to re-roofing your home is to perform a roof tear off.   For most roofing materials or if you are changing from one roof material to another, a tear off is mandatory.   With composition roofs, however, the option may exist to simply recover the current roof layer.   With composition roofs constituting the largest segment of roofs presently in use, it is an important topic.

Composition Roof Tear Off in Progress

Composition Roof Tear Off in Progress

If any doubts exist about the sheathing under the current roof, you should have the old roof torn off and install a new roof directly on top of the sheathing.   Tearing off the old roof affords you is a clear inspection of the sheathing.   Any problems will now be clearly visible.   No one wants to install a new roof over damaged sheathing just to eventually have to  tear the new roof off to correct problems not addressed when you had the previous opportunity.

Finished Composition Roof Tear Off Project

Finished Composition Roof Tear Off Project

A major benefit of a roof installed directly upon the decking is that it will almost always last longer.   The material manufacturer’s warranty is not at risk of being voided due to improper installation.    From a yearly cost standpoint, the financial benefit of extra longevity will greatly exceed the extra cost of a tear off and provide a lower yearly cost of roofing.   From the perspective of the marketability of your home, a single layer of roofing is more attractive that one that has several layers on it. Give us a call today so we can help you determine what is best for you.

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