Stay Dry with our Attic Ventilation and Roof Ventilation Systems

Simply put, interior air movement is not something you can see.   That is why most roofers don’t consider ventilation to be a part of a proper roof installation, replacement or repair.    Similarly, most homeowners prefer to only pay for what they can see – shingles, shakes and tiles.   That is understandable.   But it is also very short sighted.

Attic Ventilation Under Your Roof – The Key To a Longer Lasting Roof

We want you to receive the  best, overall roof system available.   Notice we call it a roof system.   There is more to the top of your home than just the roofing material that keeps the rain out.   There is a entire roofing system.   When properly designed and functioning, it helps regulate the temperature and humidity in the house.   When temperature and humidity avoid extremes and are evenly distributed throughout the affected areas, building materials last longer and perform their intended functions better.

A great example would be the shingles themselves (if you have a composition roof.)   Excessive heat, usually from a poorly or improperly ventilated attic, will start crack and buckle years earlier that they otherwise would.   Excessive heat and humidity will also compress insulation, shorten it’s useful life and raising heating and cooling costs considerably due to its reduced effectiveness.   There is no doubt about it, a  well ventilated roof system is a very Green and environmentally aware approach.