Your roof enhances the curb appeal and value of your home. It also keeps you safe and warm at night. Yet, when it comes time to replace your roof, you likely are worried more about cost and hassle. Not only that, but you’re likely concerned about how to find the right roof replacement experts who will do the job properly and with quality roofing materials.

At All Surface Roofing & Construction, our only goal is to do right by you. We will explain your many options to you during a free roof inspection. And we’ll be honest with you—if you don’t need to replace your roof, we’ll say so. In short, we will be upfront with you about the best steps to take to either repair or replace your roof.

Don’t put off your roof replacement project until after you spot a massive leak or sustain major damage during a storm. Reach out to our roof experts today to learn more about your options.

Full Home Roof Replacement

A full roof replacement is necessary when:

  • It’s impossible to cover your existing shingles with new shingles
  • You have damage to the roof surface under the shingles
  • A weather event caused structural damage

It is important to note the two factors that determine whether a full roof replacement is necessary. First, how many layers of shingles are currently on your home? Too many layers will require removal before we can install a new roof. Second, what type of shingles do you currently have on your roof? Certain shingle types require removal before laying down a new roof.

Roof ReCover Services

A roof re-cover is when you install new shingles over your existing shingles. Instead of tearing them off, we will leave them on the roof for extra protection. We can re-cover your composition roofing if:

  • The existing shingles are in good shape
  • There is no other significant damage to the roof
  • There are not too many existing layers of heavy, asphalt shingles on the roof already

Roof Tear-Off

A roof tear-off means involves one of our professionals removing all existing shingles and felt paper underneath the shingles from your roof. This way, if there exists any rotten wood or soft spots underneath, we will expose it and repair it before putting on new underlayment and shingles. Once the old shingles are cleared, we will replace your roof with quality underlayment products and shingles.

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