New Roof Installation & Replacement

Replacing your roof is an important project that deserves some thoughtful consideration on your part.    Roofs are not flashy or fun like other large purchases, but they provide you with a lot of comfort and peace of mind when Portland’s rain season starts.

Deciding when is the right time for your new roof replacement is very important in Portland.   You do not want to wait until your current roof is leaking, unlike other home projects where you can basically wait until they break.   Of course, any prudent homeowner will obviously want get the most useful life of their existing roof.   That is why we suggest you call us for a free roof review.    We can let you know whether your roof is fine as is, just needs some maintenance or is indeed ready to be replaced.   There is no charge and we are happy to come out and take a look.

Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

You will need to consider several factors before you make your decision.   One of the first decisions is whether put on an additional roof layer (not possible with all roofing materials) or to tear off the current roofing and install a new layer.   Sometimes you have no choice if your roof is already at the maximum number of layers your roof can handle.   Additionally, you need to have an idea of the condition of the sheathing underneath your roof.   If suspect or know that your sheathing has issues, or as mentioned above, you cannot put more layers on the roof, you will need to have a tear off.

New Roof Cost

Close to Completion – Roof Replacement, Portland, OR

Next, it is time to decide what type of roofing material you want for your new roof.   Composition shingle, cedar shake, tile, metal and composite roofs are the selections you will choose from.    Be aware that some may require that you change the roof’s sheathing to accommodate the specific material chosen.   Each material has its unique set of benefits.   This specific decision will have the most impact on the cost of your roof installation project.   All Surface will be happy to assist you at this critical stage of your project.

Once a roof type has been decided, you will need to decide upon the quality of the material you have chosen.   For instance, composition roofs offer roofs with warranties from 20 to 50 years, with even some lifetime warranty products.  Similarly, cedar shake roofs offer differences in grade and thickness, which greatly affect the roofs performance.   Other materials also have options to chose from that will affect how long they can be expected to last and of course, the project cost.

At All Surface, we have decided not to marry ourselves to any one specific roof manufacturer in order to get rebate kickbacks.   We believe that there are several good brands out there (despite what we think of their rebate and incentive programs) and we this it is best to be able to offer our customers whatever brand currently matches their needs the best.   It costs up a little profit, but it is the right thing to do.

Replace a Roof

Beautiful New Roof in Portland, OR

The last and most important decision is deciding who will install your new roof.   This is an easy point to fall prey to the false economy of choosing the cheapest roofer.   After having chosen the right roofing material and quality, many homeowners nullify their thoughtful decisions to date by choosing a low quality roof contractor.   Few homeowners realize that even small mistakes (such as a nail driven outside of a specified nailing zone) can void the manufacturer’s warranty on the entire roof.

Furthermore, you must consider the risk of dealing with a cheap roofing contractor.   A poor roofing job can cause considerable damage to the entire structure. That is why of all construction trades, roofing is among the most expensive when it comes to liability insurance.   Flooring, drywall, electrical connections, furniture and personal possessions are some of the items that can be damaged by a leaking roof.   You must be absolutely certain that your contractor will be both still in business and willing to address any problems.