When selecting materials for your next roofing repair or replacement project, consider 3-tab shingles. One of the most common forms of roofing materials, 3-tab shingles, protect countless homes and businesses throughout the Portland area from wind, weather and the sun.

3 Tab Shingles

What Are 3-Tab Shingles?

3-tab shingles are constructed of asphalt and take their name from the cutouts, or tabs, that appear along the bottom edge of each shingle. Once installed, each shingle appears to be three separate pieces; however, every unit of 3-tabs is joined along the upper edge into a single shingle. This speeds installation while also offering an appealing finished look.

Why Choose 3-Tab Shingles for Your Roof?

Comparing the various roofing material options  can help make planning your next roofing repair or replacement project that much easier. Exploring the benefits of each type of material and product also helps to set your budget and your style.

Apartments New Roof - After

Recently completed apartment re-roofing project with 3-Tab shingles

Many Portland area homeowners choose 3-tab shingles because they are:

  • Lightweight: Manufactured using a single layer of asphalt and fiberglass mat, 3-tab shingles are lighter than many other roofing materials. This makes them an ideal solution for older homes where the stress of a heavy roof may cause issues with walls or foundations.
  • Affordable: 3-tab shingles and the materials necessary for their installation rank among the most affordable of roofing products in up-front costs. Their low costs make them a viable option for just about any budget.  However, while their material cost as lower, installation costs can be higher due to the more difficult pattern requirements, which negates some of the savings.
  • Versatile: Available in a wide range of colors, 3-tab shingles can be chosen to match most color schemes, from traditional colors to more modern palettes. 3-tab shingles are also manufactured in many styles and by many manufacturers—they are a solid choice for nearly every project.

It is important to remember that while every material has benefits, there are also drawbacks to consider. Our team of roofing material experts works closely with you to determine your project goals and help you compare the products that best fit your needs. In this way, we ensure you make the most informed and effective decisions possible throughout your roofing project.