Architectural Composition Shingles

Composition roofing is a reliable and attractive roofing material.   Impressive strides have been made in composition roof since the days of cheap, 15 year warranty 3 tab asphalt roofs.   The composition roofs of today carry warranties for 20 to 50 years with even some lifetime warranties available.

What are Composition Shingles Made of?

Every composition shingle is made of asphalt.   These asphalt shingles come in two primary types – organic and fiberglass.  Organic composition shingles are made of an organic felt material.   This felt material is essentially a heavy paper product that is saturated with asphalt, thus making it waterproof.   Fiberglass shingles have a fiberglass-reinforcing mat constructed in the shape of the shingle.  To make it waterproof it is then coated with asphalt and minerals.

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Conversion From Cedar Roof to Composition Roof

Composition Roofing

After a Successful Conversion From Cedar Roof to Composition Roof

There are many styles and colors to choose from within the family composition shingles.

The older 3 tab shingle styles are still available and are now much better that the 3 tab shingles of the past.   Warranties as long as 30 years are available now with 3 tab shingles.

Over the last 30 years, architectural laminate composition shingles have become very popular.   These shingle have a look that has distinct height levels within a given shingles, giving it visual texture.    Since they are composed of multiple layers, these roofs often carry warranties from 30 years to lifetime.    The best architectural laminate roofs are often designed with 3 combined layers of shingle and can weight as much as 480 lbs per square.

Plus, in the upper portion of the composition roof market, there are fancy shingles with tiled or rounded designs.   These offer homeowner’s the opportunity to have even more control over the exterior look of their home.   In view of the fact that as much as 30-60% of your home’s exterior view consists of the roof, the roof’s style can have a large impact on your home’s overall style.

Additionally, some of the newest composition roofs on the market are solar efficient.   In light of increased awareness of resource conservation and continually rising energy costs, such options are gaining much attractiveness.