Keeping Your Family Dry in Gresham This Season

Winter is a wonderful time in Gresham, but it can test your home’s roof. Regular rains and colder temperatures mean staying cozy inside with friends and family.

If your roof shows signs of wear or leaking, the team at All Surface Roofing has your back. We are your local quick responders for all types of leaks and roof damage. We offer free and fast estimates on roof repairs to ensure a leaky roof doesn’t interrupt your holiday celebrations.

If you’re taking the holiday tour at the Zimmerman House, getting a swim at the aquatic center or catching Every Christmas Story Ever at Nutz N Boltz, we’ll make sure you come home to a warm dry home.

When seeking a roofer or roofing company to service your Gresham home or office, it is important that you reach out to three or so different companies to receive estimates on your project. While all roofing companies service roofs, they are not all created equal.

Giving Courtesy, Gratitude & Respect to Gresham Clients

The simple fact of the matter is this: We know you have many choices out there when choosing a Gresham roofing contractor to work on your home. As most bonded, licensed and insured roofers have access to the same materials, what often makes one company stand out from others is the level of customer service they provide.

At All Surface Roofing & Construction, we put our customers’ needs first. We listen, we understand, we offer recommendations and we follow through. Because in the end, what everyone deserves is the utmost in courtesy and respect.

All Surface Roofing and Construction was great from the time I called to have someone come out to check the roof for a leak over the window after window salesman told me the roof was cause of the leak inside the house next to window frame. Person from ASR&C informed me after checking the roof that roof was in great shape and was completely dry under the tiles.  He even checked the window frame outside to make sure there wasn’t any leak. Everyone I dealt with was courteous, on time, and very professional.  If I ever have to use a roofing company, I will be calling All Surface Roofing!
—Katie T.

Thank you for taking the time to consider All Surface Roofing for your Gresham home’s roof repair or replacement needs. We hope to work with you soon.

Superior Roofing Services for Your Home or Office

Our team of roofing experts can turn your troubling roof issue around. Call on us for help with any of the following: