Keeping Leaks at Bay in Happy Valley

Winter is a time to celebrate and entertain under your Happy Valley roof. Make sure it holds up under the tough weather this time of year.

Age, loose flashing and weather can all conspire to create drips and leaks. All Surface Roofing is your local team of leak repair experts. We offer fast and free estimates when mother nature finds her watery way into your home.

Happy Valley winters are full of fun and adventure. Whether you’re fixing to snowshoe Mt. Hood, skate, ski or sled or join a club or class, make sure you come home to a home that is dry. We’ve got you covered.

Hiring roofers in Happy Valley to fix or replace your roof should be straightforward. At All Surface Roofing & Construction, we do our part to make the process as easy for you as possible. We start it off with a free estimate and then take it from there to ensure you have a seamless, clean, worry-free roof repair or replacement experience.

High-Quality Service & Products

You have options when it comes to repairing, recovering, replacing or tearing off your existing roof. You want to be certain that the roofing company you hire will bring those options to you, and that the options they bring fit your budget and quality expectations.

Let our team help you understand exactly what you need and then show you the services and products available to you when it comes to your Happy Valley roof. Call us today to discuss any of the following:

Additionally, we provide these roof-related services:

Unsurpassed Value & Integrity

Integrity is at the center of all roofing services we provide. To us, integrity means doing what is best for you, even if that means it isn’t in our company’s best financial interests:

All Surface recommended replacing our valley flashing to fix a leak situation. We agreed and expected a $1200 job.  When the crews came to do the job, however, one of the roofers pointed out that the shingles overlapping the valley flashing had not been installed correctly, and simply cutting them to the proper angle would fix the problem.  This saved several hours of work, and also the necessity of patching our roof with mis-matched shingles, since the original kind is no longer available. All Surface Roofing’s honesty and expertise cost them some income, and saved me money.  That’s real integrity, in my view.
—Sandy G.

When the time comes to hire a roofing contractor for your Happy Valley home or office building, we hope you will consider our team. Let us show you first-hand what it looks like to work with a contractor with high integrity and focus on value.