Raise the Roof in West Linn This Spring

Getting a new roof usually calls for aspirin, not celebration. If you contact our team at All Surface Roofing, we’ll work hard to limit the headache involved. Call us today for quick relief from all your old roof woes.

A new roof will keep your family safe and dry for years and add value to your West Linn home. Let us give you a free and fast estimate on a roof upgrade that makes sense for your home and budget. We’re straight shooters who want to give you good news.

Our friendly team can give your roof an honest assessment and recommend repairing, recovering or replacing it. And spring is the perfect time to do it!

Make sure your family gets out to enjoy this season of renewal in West Linn. We’ll worry about the roof while you visit baby animals at the Triskelee Farm Spring Fling, learn about mushroom foraging, or enjoy crafts and wine at the Tumwater Vineyard Spring Market.

West Linn is home to trendy shops and restaurants that attract shoppers and diners from all over the area. Many of these establishments are the pride and joy of local residents, rather than franchises or chains.

Like these businesses, All Surface Roofing & Construction company is locally own and proud to call the Portland metro area home. We love helping our neighbors in West Linn tackle roofing and construction repair, maintenance and replacement projects.

Trusted by West Linn Homeowners for Years

We’ve spent the last decade serving clients throughout the Portland metro area, including in West Linn. Your neighbors have trusted us to repair, maintain and replace their roofs for many reasons, including our:

  • Attention to detail: Even small mistakes made when planning or installing a roof can have large financial repercussions. We offer the guidance you need to create and execute an effective roofing or construction plan.
  • Respectful approach: We want each client to trust us for life. To create lasting relationships, and because we care about the people we serve, we take the utmost care and respect whenever dealing with you or your property.
  • Focus on your budget: Money doesn’t grow on trees, and we know it. We work with homeowners to understand their realistic budget and plan the project accordingly.
  • Quality: Our roofing and construction crews are highly skilled and diligent, and are armed with the latest in tool technology and materials. This means that your project will be completed properly and on time.

Here’s what one happy West Linn homeowner had to say about our services:

I have used All Surface for two roofing projects now (I’m a property manager).  Excellent work and great communication.  All Surface is one of the only companies I have encountered that will take the time to outline what *should* be done to make things right if there are existing problems with the roof.  For example, on one property we knew there weren’t enough roof vents and it had been resulting in moisture issues in the attic.  Without my having to say anything, the bid they submitted included installing additional roof vents.  There were less expensive bids, but they were for the “quick and dirty” reroof with no changes.  All Surface’s price was totally acceptable for doing it the right way.
—Tara D.

All Surface Protects Your Roof and Construction Investment

At All Surface Roofing & Construction, we always say, “Your Roof Protects You, All Surface Protects Your Roof.” This means that we do everything in our power to help you repair, replace and maintain your roof with the highest quality materials and processes, all within your budget.

We provide a wide range of services for West Linn homeowners, including: